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Welcome to Ubuntu Care Services

At Ubuntu Care Services, we understand the profound impact that compassionate and individualised support can have on the lives of those living with disabilities. We don’t merely offer services; we offer a philosophy rooted in connection, mutual respect and a recognition that our humanity is intertwined. When you or your loved ones choose Ubuntu, you’re not just accessing services – you’re embracing a community that believes in achieving the best for humanity. Our commitment to our participants extends beyond provisions; it’s a genuine relationship built on trust, understanding and the belief that “I am, because you are ”.

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The Ubuntu Philosophy & Mindset

Our identity and ethos are deeply embedded in the Ubuntu philosophy – a powerful assertion that one’s humanity is achieved and recognized through and with others. This philosophy encapsulates the essence of interconnectedness, mutual respect, compassion, and dignity. At Ubuntu Care Services, we strive daily to integrate this understanding of shared human experience into the care we offer. The responsibility and pride we carry for our participants guide our every action, ensuring that every day we come closer to achieving excellence in care, hence our inspiration of “Bringing Humanity Back into Care”.

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Our Team 

Our experienced team, with their extensive backgrounds spanning health, disability, and social sectors, form the backbone of Ubuntu Care Services. From professionals with over a decade of experience in disability and aged care to those who have passionately contributed to various facets of care, our team’s dedication is unwavering.


Their combined experience ensures that we remain at the forefront of care, always empathetic, always understanding and always striving for the best.

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Assistance with Daily Personal & Care Tasks

Beyond assisting with daily tasks, we promote independent living, fostering learning and nurturing personal skills for a brighter, self-reliant future.

Assistance with Daily Domestic Tasks

We encourage client independence by teaching time management, cooking and fostering skills that help transform households into homes.

Assistance with Daily Tasks in Group & Shared Living

Build independent living skills that nurture personal responsibility in a shared living arrangement; creating environments that are lively and engaging.

Community Participation & Social Activities

Enhance social skills and nourishe the soul. Foster healthy connections ensuring that everyone has the chance to be part of a diverse community.

Capacity Building & Life Skills

Through targeted programs & learning, we assist participants in acquiring new skills, bolstering confidence and driving a sense of accomplishment.

Transport & Travel Assistance

Our services are structured to empower our participants, ensuring they can safely commute to work, social gatherings and healthcare appointments.

Employment Search Skills & Preparedness

At Ubuntu Care Services, we recognise the value of employment in fostering independence and self-esteem for individuals with disabilities.

Coordinating Life Stages, Transitions & Supports

Providing comprehensive support and coordination for NDIS participants, ensuring a seamless integration of services tailored to each individual's needs.


At Ubuntu Care Services, we don’t just provide supports and services; we offer avenues for growth, exploration and realisation of individual potentials. Grounded in a deep respect for the inherent worth of every person, our services are tailored to affirm and elevate the dignity of our participants. Our diverse range of services is designed to cater to varied needs, ensuring that every participant feels valued, understood and empowered.

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Why choose Ubuntu Care Services? 

At Ubuntu, we fiercely champion the individual rights of every participant. We believe in a world where everyone is free to express, decide, and determine their path, and we take active steps to ensure safety, dignity and respect in every interaction


Embracing modern techniques and technologies, we ensure that our participants receive care that’s not just effective but innovative. Integrating these advancements ensures our participants benefit from the best the industry has to offer.

Innovation and Integration

At the heart of our service lies genuine compassion and understanding. We invest time in building lasting relationships, ensuring that the bond between our caregivers and participants is one of trust, respect and mutual affection.

Relationship-focused Care

We are a celebration of diversity. Recognising that care transcends language and culture, our team is trained to respect, understand and cater to the varied cultural backgrounds and language preferences of our participants.

Cultural and Linguistic Competence

With Ubuntu, inclusion is not just a policy; it’s a promise we follow through. We collaborate with individuals, their families, and carers to create myriad opportunities for meaningful social participation.

Participation and Inclusion