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Beyond assisting with daily tasks, we promote independent living, fostering learning, and nurturing personal skills for a brighter, self-reliant future.

At Ubuntu Care Services, we delve deeper than providing mere assistance with daily personal and care tasks—our mission is to empower NDIS clients of all ages to achieve more autonomous and enriching lives. Our devoted caregivers are focused on far more than task completion; they embody the spirit of mentorship and skill-building. Each engagement is an avenue for enhancing vital life skills including literacy and numeracy, thus lighting the way toward a self-sufficient future. We honor the unique journey of each participant, delivering tailored support that nurtures the development of personal skills at a comfortable and respectful pace. Through this dedicated support, every individual we assist is not only looked after but is also equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to engage with the world with increased assurance.


Assistance with Daily Personal & Care Tasks 

carer assisting male participant from bed

Moreover, Ubuntu Care Services places a strong emphasis on essential practical skills like shopping, budgeting, and financial management. We go beyond mere assistance; we instruct and guide clients to master these competencies, fostering their independence and decision-making capabilities. The mastery of financial literacy and the confidence to make informed shopping choices are crucial for living independently and are central to our service ethos.

Personal hygiene and grooming, alongside social etiquette, are core elements of our service portfolio, nurturing not just personal cleanliness but also fostering dignity and self-respect.

At Ubuntu Care Services, we perceive these daily practices as essential building blocks for establishing self-worth and social confidence. Our program on cyber safety is crafted to equip clients with the critical skills required to safely engage with the digital realm, an increasingly vital aspect of contemporary life. Our caregivers are also adept in medication management and administration, ensuring that clients maintain their health and well-being while gaining the confidence needed to manage their health-related tasks with our attentive support.

carer assisting with daily talks with young male participant
carer assisting young boy to brush teeth both smiling

We facilitate continuous learning and skill enhancement, including the advancement of literacy and numeracy, to pave the way for our clients’ self-sufficiency and personal growth.

Educational Empowerment

Emphasizing the importance of personal hygiene and grooming, we cultivate routines that reinforce dignity and self-respect for each individual.

Personal Care and Well-being

Our services extend to teaching personal skills and social etiquette, equipping clients with the confidence to engage in community life respectfully and gracefully.

Social Skills Development

We provide guidance on cyber safety to ensure our clients can navigate the digital world securely, protecting their personal information and well-being online.

Digital Engagement and Protection

Proficiency in medication management and administration is taught, empowering clients to take charge of their health with confidence and under reliable supervision.

Healthcare Autonomy

By assisting with shopping, we not only aid in the selection of necessities but also inculcate decision-making skills essential for daily living.

Independent Living Skills

Our program includes coaching in budgeting and financial management, crucial skills for fostering economic independence and smart financial planning.

Financial Literacy and Management
Our approach is comprehensive, constantly striving to enhance our clients’ ability to not just manage but excel within their communities, supported by the dignity, respect, and innovative care that is the signature of Ubuntu Care Services.

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