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We encourage independence by teaching time management, cooking, and fostering skills that transform households into homes.


At Ubuntu Care Services, we understand the essence of a nurturing home environment and its impact on one’s quality of life. Our assistance with daily domestic and household tasks is designed to promote autonomy and facilitate a comfortable living space that reflects the warmth and safety of a true home. We are committed to supporting our clients, irrespective of age, to manage their day-to-day household activities with greater ease and confidence.


Assistance with Daily Domestic & Household Tasks 

female carer assisting young male with cooking and independance

By covering these essential areas, Ubuntu Care Services ensures that every individual has the support they need to thrive within their homes and beyond. Our hands-on approach is tailored to the capabilities and goals of each client, fostering a sense of accomplishment and continual growth towards independence.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of health and well-being. That's why our team places a significant emphasis on helping clients to acquire cooking skills. From selecting fresh ingredients to mastering the art of meal preparation, we guide our clients through each step, catering to dietary needs and personal tastes. We strive not only to teach the mechanics of cooking but also to make it an enjoyable and fulfilling activity that clients can look forward to. The joy of cooking can be transformative, turning meal preparation into an opportunity for creativity and satisfaction.

Cooking and Meal Preparation

Maintaining a clean and organized living space is essential for both physical health and mental clarity. Our services encompass teaching and assisting with cleaning tasks, ensuring that clients live in a hygienic and tidy environment. By establishing regular cleaning routines and efficient organizational habits, we help to create a calming and pleasant atmosphere within the home. Our aim is to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in our clients as they take part in caring for their personal space.


We recognize that grocery shopping is more than just a chore—it's an essential skill for independent living. Our approach involves accompanying clients to the store, assisting with list creation, budgeting, and selection of goods. This real-world skill-building is crucial for fostering independence and ensuring that our clients can make healthy and informed choices about their nutrition and well-being.

Grocery Shopping

Our services extend to teaching and supporting tasks like laundry, an important aspect of daily life. We cover the basics from sorting and washing to drying and folding. Mastering these tasks not only ensures a supply of clean clothes but also promotes a routine that can enhance a client’s planning and organizational skills.


Effective time management is key to independence. Ubuntu Care Services aids clients in developing these skills, ensuring they can structure their day in a way that balances productivity with leisure, fostering a sense of control and self-reliance. This empowerment allows our clients to participate more fully in their communities and in activities they enjoy.

Time Management Skills

In today’s connected world, digital literacy is indispensable. We assist clients in navigating social media and other forms of digital communication, bridging the gap between technology and daily living. This not only enhances their ability to stay in touch with friends and family but also opens up avenues for learning and participating in the digital world.

Social Media and Communication

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