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We see potential in every individual. Through targeted programs and individualised learning strategies, we assist participants in acquiring new skills, bolstering their confidence, and driving a sense of accomplishment.
At Ubuntu Care Services, our approach to care is not just supportive but transformative. Our "Capacity Building with Daily Living and Life Skills" program is at the core of our commitment to nurturing independence and enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities.


Capacity Building with Daily Living & Life Skills

lady gardening with hat on in support program

Capacity building is about empowerment and progress

— helping individuals develop the skills and confidence they need to manage their day-to-day lives with greater autonomy. Daily living skills are the essential tasks and activities that we engage in every day, from self-care and home management to social interactions and community participation. Life skills encompass the broader competencies that allow individuals to navigate the complexities of life effectively, including financial literacy, communication, and decision-making.

At Ubuntu Care Services, we view the potential in every participant, regardless of age or ability, as boundless. Through customized programs and personalized learning strategies, we assist NDIS participants in gaining new skills, enhancing their self-assurance and fostering a sense of achievement that infuses through all aspects of their lives

Empowering Independence through Skill Development

Our guided sessions in the kitchen help participants learn to prepare nutritious meals, fostering independence and satisfying the soul with self-made dishes.

Cooking and Meal Preparation

We assist in mastering personal care routines, instilling a sense of pride and dignity; ensuring each day starts safely and with confidence.

Personal Care Tasks and Other Daily Activities

We teach the skills necessary to maintain a clean and orderly living environment, promoting health and well-being.


Our training empowers participants to navigate grocery stores, manage budgets, and select nutritious options independently.

Grocery Shopping

We ensure individuals understand how to schedule and attend important health-related appointments, advocating for their well-being.

Medical and Personal Appointments

Recognizing the importance of foundational skills, we offer tailored support to enhance communication and numeracy, unlocking new opportunities in education and work.

Numeracy and Literacy Skills

Through gardening, we connect participants with nature, offering therapeutic benefits and the joy of cultivating growth.


Through gardening, we connect participants with nature, offering therapeutic benefits and the joy of cultivating growth.

Travel Training

Our team supports access to and maximization of therapeutic interventions, essential for overall health and wellness.

Therapy Assistance

We focus on positive behavior reinforcement, enabling individuals to lead fulfilling and socially engaged lives.

Implementing Positive Behaviour Strategies

Our comprehensive care includes professional nursing and therapeutic support, tailored to individual health needs.

Nursing and Therapeutic Supports

With the Capacity Building Supports budget, we invest in the development of skills crucial for active community, social, and recreational engagement. This encompasses employment-related support and training, job assessments and school leaver employment supports, steering participants toward meaningful employment.

Investing in Your Future

Consider a participant aiming for increased self-reliance. With our support, they can learn essential life skills, such as cooking, cleaning, using public transport and budgeting for household bills. Another aspect of capacity building is support coordination, where we simplify the process of accessing the necessary supports to live a full and autonomous life.

Real-World Applications of Capacity Building
At Ubuntu Care Services, we are wholeheartedly committed to building capacities and enhancing lives—one individual at a time. Let us walk with you on this path of growth and discovery, unlocking your full potential and celebrating every milestone along the way.

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