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At Ubuntu Care Services, we stand united in our vision to transcend traditional care with a blend of compassion, innovation, and respect. Our executive team, drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences in health and disability support, is dedicated to honouring the dignity of every individual we assist, ensuring that our care is not only a service but a testament to our shared humanity.

Management Team

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His proactive approach and 'can-do' attitude are valuable traits, especially in a field that requires innovative solutions and personalized care. Being part of the Independent Assessments Pilot Project underscores Blessing's involvement in initiatives aimed at improving the efficiency and consistency of the NDIS plan review process. Blessing's international experience as a Bank Auditor, coupled with his qualifications in Disability, Community Sector Management, Government Investigations, Work Health and Safety, and Frontline Management, demonstrates a diverse skill set. His keen interest in financial systems and strong problem-solving skills, honed during his banking career, are likely assets in the disability sector, where financial management is crucial. Moreover, his continuous learning through qualifications such as the Diploma in Disability, Postgraduate Certificate in Disability and Inclusion, and Postgraduate Diploma in Community Sector Management reflects his commitment to staying updated on best practices in the field. Blessing's affiliations with professional bodies like the Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia, The Australian College of Community & Disability Practitioners, and National Disability Practitioners further underline his commitment to staying connected with evolving trends in the disability sector. In summary, Blessing appears to be a dedicated professional with a wealth of experience, a broad skill set, and a commitment to ongoing learning and improvement. His involvement in various aspects of the disability sector positions him as a valuable asset to Ubuntu Care Services and its mission to provide quality support to participants.

Meet Blessing Rigava

​“I am passionate about making real and positive difference to the lives of the participants we support. Each day, I am motivated to put the participant first in all decision making ensuring that they are included in those decisions.” ​


Blessing's extensive experience and commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of participants in the disability sector are impressive. His role as an NDIA Senior Planner and Planner Team Leader for over 4 years, along with being recognized as a Subject Matter Expert in various areas within NDIS, highlights his expertise and dedication.

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Kudzai's professional journey is as diverse as it is inspiring. His professional role, initially as a teacher and later as a University Lecturer, laid the foundation for the profound connections he would later cultivate in the Australian disability and aged care sectors. Sharing a great passion for writing and research, Kudzai has consistently pursued excellence and knowledge. Among other qualifications, Kudzai holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Political Philosophy from the University of New South Wales, Australia. He also underwent formal training to become Assistant Nurse and Support Worker, qualifications that have been punctuated by the acquisition of extensive knowledge and hands-on experience to deliver exceptional care in the human and community services sector. With the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolling out, Kudzai joined the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) in 2016 as a Planner. He later became a Senior Planner with the NDIS’s Complex Support Needs Pathway becoming involved with some of the intricate processes of disability planning and management. Kudzai’s last position within NDIS was as the NDIS Justice Liaison Officer working with multiple stakeholder teams involving governmental and non-governmental entities to assist participants with justice interface to transition from correctional settings back into the community. The wealth of professional experience has shaped Ubuntu Care Services as a competitive NDIS provider. Kudzai’s wide exposure to the NDIS as a Senior Planner and Liaison Officer has not only deepened his understanding of the operations of the NDIS but also sharpened his understandings of how to plan and support people with disability on the basis that each participant is an individual with unique set of experiences that need to be considered when planning and implementing disability supports. As the Ubuntu Care Services’ Client Engagement Lead, Kudzai utilises a strength-based approach by focusing on the inherent capabilities of participants as they work towards individualised outcomes. At Ubuntu Care Services, Kudzai is poised to delve into the nuances between health and disability care, leveraging his unique insight to foster effective interventions and supports. Kudzai's professional prowess is matched by his innate compassion and calmness, qualities that resonate with the core values of our service. His commitment to achieving transformative outcomes for the vulnerable among us is unwavering—a true representation of the Ubuntu Care Services spirit.

Meet Kudzai Matereke

Embarking on a mission to deliver quality care with a blend of expertise and empathy, Kudzai Matereke has become an integral part of the Ubuntu Care Services family, bringing with him over 15 years of invaluable experience in health, aged care, and the disability sectors. Kudzai's career has been marked by a relentless dedication to maintaining the highest quality of care even amidst the most challenging of environments, a reflection of Ubuntu Care Services’ own commitment to excellence and compassion in service.

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His extensive education, including a Bachelor of Social Sciences and Social Work, further equips him with both the clinical acumen and the social finesse necessary to excel in our community-oriented approach. With a robust track record spanning over a decade in the disability sector, Blessing’s zeal is both personal and professional. His experiences range from positions with the New South Wales Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care, to significant roles within Western Australia’s Disability Services Commission, embodying various capacities such as a Social Trainer and Disability Justice Officer. His commitment to excellence is not just evident in his work but is also reflected in his pursuit of higher education – a postgraduate Juris Doctor degree, which hones his analytical skills crucial for navigating the complexities of the disability sector. As a respected member of the Australia Association of Social Workers, Blessing is not just an employee; he is an embodiment of the values we hold dear at Ubuntu Care Services. His ability to forge constructive relationships across a spectrum of backgrounds and his dedication to evidence-based support are integral to our mission of delivering compassionate and informed care. Previous Job Roles: • Social Trainer Level 3 • Emergency Accommodation Coordinator • Intervention Support Services Coordinator • Disability Justice Officer • Disability Justice Clinician

Meet Blessing Chikowore

At the heart of Ubuntu Care Services, Blessing Chikowore stands as a testament to our ethos, where empowering individuals and fostering independence are foundational. Blessing’s journey in the realm of care is deeply rooted in a personal conviction that aligns with our collective vision – to recognize and nurture the aspirations of those in society who are often overlooked. 

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Clearence is well rounded with over 16 years’ experience in disability services as well as child safety and financial planning. Clearence’s extensive experience in the disability sector involved working with clients of different age groups and levels of care needs in a variety of settings where he proactively supported to identify care needs and to develop and implement strategies to train, maximise and build their capacity for independence. The overall aim was to enhance the participants’ life skills, social and recreational abilities. Clearence believes that community inclusion, decision making, choice and independence should be promoted regardless of one’s disability and support needs. Clearence’s disability experience is complemented by his academic qualifications having completed a Master of Accounting, a Diploma in Community Services Work, and a Diploma in Financial Planning. He brings wealth of knowledge and skills to the team to ensure exceptional supports and services are delivered to our clients. He is passionate about the industry and always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to help the participants to achieve their goals.

Meet Clearence

“I am a well-rounded individual with a strong passion to implement person-centred strategies to achieve participants’ outcomes. Each time I make interactions with participants is an opportunity to actively listen and understand how we can collaborate to maximise their outcomes.” 

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