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Our focus here is enhancing communal living, encouraging shared responsibilities, and creating environments that are lively and engaging.

At Ubuntu Care Services, our dedication to fostering communal living extends to every aspect of our Assistance with Daily Tasks in Group and Shared Living Arrangements. We recognize that a supportive living environment goes beyond just cohabitation; it’s about nurturing a space where individuals can enjoy the vibrancy of shared experiences and the growth that comes from collective living.


Assistance with Daily Tasks in Group & Shared Living Arrangements

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At Ubuntu Care Services, our approach to Assistance with Daily Tasks in Group and Shared Living Arrangements is not just about the services we provide; it’s about the heart behind them. By fostering an environment where every task is a thread in the fabric of a tightly knit community, we honour the Ubuntu ethos: I am because we are.

A shared meal is a cornerstone of community life, and at Ubuntu Care Services, we place special emphasis on meal preparation as a communal activity. Our meal preparation supports are designed not only to ensure that nutritional needs are met but also to transform the support into an opportunity for social connection and skill-building. Participants are encouraged to partake in menu planning, preparation, and cooking, turning daily sustenance into a delightful social experience that everyone looks forward to.

Meal Preparation

Engagement and entertainment are vital to an enriched life. That’s why our programs include a variety of games and fun activities, meticulously chosen to cater to the diverse interests and abilities of our participants. These activities are not just about passing the time. Rather, they are integral to our aim of building a robust community. They stimulate cognitive function, promote physical health, and most importantly, they are a source of joy and laughter, fostering deep bonds among participants.

Games and Fun Activities

The simple act of grocery shopping can be a meaningful activity within our care paradigm. Participants are supported to make informed choices, manage a budget, and engage with their local community. This service is more than just acquiring necessities; it’s about empowering participants to maintain control over their daily lives, promoting health and wellbeing while ensuring they have the support they need to live more independently.

Grocery Shopping for Home

Supported Independent Living (SIL) at Ubuntu Care Services is tailored to enable participants to live as independently as possible, while still benefiting from the security of a supportive network. SIL is designed with flexibility at its core, ensuring participants have the freedom to choose how their care is managed, while also having access to around-the-clock support for daily tasks. Our SIL participants enjoy a safe living environment, either individually or a shared living arrangement with compatible co-tenants.

Supported Independent Living

We believe that every individual is unique, and their care should reflect this. Our Individualised Living Options (ILO) provide a personalised approach to living arrangements, where one's lifestyle choices, needs, and preferences are first and foremost. We work closely with participants to develop living solutions that not only meet their requirements but also enhance their quality of life while achieving their goals.

Individualised Living Options

Whether you are in a shared living environment or living by yourself, our drop-in supports provide an added layer of assistance and reassurance. This service ensures that participants receive help when they need it, from daily routines to unexpected situations, without impinging on their independence or sense of community. It's a balancing act between providing support and promoting self-reliance, all within the comfort of their shared home.

Drop-in Supports for Activities of Daily Living

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